I Sat There So I Get To Complain About Everything

| December 4th, 2011

Okay. I have no idea why anyonewould try to seriously analyze this game. If Jay Cutler started, the Bears win by three touchdowns. But Jay Cutler did not start and somehow the Bears lost by a Hail Mary at the end of the first half.

1. Caleb Hanie is awful. Whatever you saw on television…he’s worse. We counted seven times during the game where Hanir held the ball and missed open receivers. Three of those resulted in sacks.

2. I know the Matt Forte injury will make people think the end is come but the Bears lacked nothing once we left the game.

3. Go to hell, Roy Williams.

4. If you want to fault the defense, go ahead. You’re wrong.

5. Julius Peppers is the best Bears defender of my lifetime.

6. Major Wright was playing a great game beford he got hurt. So, basically, stop expecting Major Wright to make it through a game.

7. Think about these two plays: the Barber screen and the Earl Bennett sideline route. How many points did the Bears leave out there?

8. I do not want to hear “Caleb is our quarterback.”

9. I don’t think it mattered but Robbie Gould missed another FG he should make.

10. First and goal from the seven. No points.

11. The offensive line was bad late but not until defenders could unload on obvious passes. Cutty makes plays with the same pressure.

12. Mike Martz seems like he’s already gone to a head coaching job which he won’t be offered.

13. Jay Cutler spent most of the game right in front of me. He was animated when Hanie missed throws. The telling thing? Earl Bennett was continually complaining to Cutty throughout the day.

14. Edwin Williams is not fast enough to the outside.

15. I don’t blame Lach for the Hail Mary. These guys are moronically taught to knock it down.

Ultimately here’s what I think. Nothing. I think it’s not worth our emotional energy to get upset by Caleb Hanie things. He’s bad. If Cutler does not return the only dream remaining is being thrashed in the first round. But can the Bears stay afloat til he returns? The Falcons helped. Currently the Lions are too.