Lockout Thread

| March 13th, 2011


Jerry Jones at home.

Blindly supporting the players or owners in a CBA situation can be a problematic approach, especially during barroom discussions.  If you support the owners, you’re a right-winger who has no compassion for the working man.  If you support the players, you’re a socialist who believes it’s more important for millionaires to make more millions than for a sport to continue operating at a profit.  

Other than player safety and healthy, here’s my stance: I don’t care.  Not for one second.  I don’t care if they go to an 18-game season.  I don’t care if they decrease the salary cap.  I don’t care about “splitting the pie”.  I want football.  So figure out how to make that happen and do it.
I’ll let you guys control the conversation on this issue and join in on occasion.  It’s just hard for a struggling playwright/sports blogger, who spends 8 hours a day wrestling with day-to-day financial solvency, to get emotional about a squabble of millionaires versus billionaires.
In the meantime, Noah and I have launched a new website called TheOtherSports.com.  It is a site dedicated to covering golf, NASCAR, soccer around the world and sports normally ignored by the mainstream press.  Stop by and see if ya like it.  Remember it’s a work in progress and all feedback is appreciated.  We’re also looking for contributors so email me if you’re interested at jeff@dabearsblog.com.