More Audibles From the Long Snapper

| March 7th, 2011

Pompei Has Warped Priorities

Dan Pompei wrote a few weeks ago that the Bears were not in need of a wide receiver and now he’s writing that their off-season priority is acquiring of a second defensive end or solid under tackle.  I liked Dan’s work very much in the regular season but what has he been smoking since the Bears lost to the Packers in the NFC Championship Game?   The Bears need blockers.  They need a big play wide receiver.  Every team in football would like to get more pressure on the quarterback but if the Bears are identifying that as their biggest weakness then they are having a difficult time identifying their weaknesses.  
PFT Lists Ten Things to Know About the Labor Dispute
I have been basically ignoring everything regarding the CBA but I took some time and read this thorough piece on PFT this morning.  It’s worth looking at.  The passage I found most interesting was this:
As Texans right tackle Eric Winston explained earlier this week on PFT Live, the NFL could easily grow the pie by selling the Thursday night package to the highest bidder, in lieu of using it to prop up a league-owned network with far less distribution than it deserves.  The other easy answer would be to eliminate the playoff byes, adding four games to the wild-card round that could be sold to the networks.

Bears Will Pay Coaches Until Games are Missed
According to the Sun-Times, the Bears organization is handling themselves with immense class in the current situation:
While the overwhelming majority of NFL coaches will be forced to accept pay cuts in the event of a labor stoppage, Bears assistants have been assured their pay won’t be docked unless a lockout forces NFL games to be canceled, team president Ted Phillips said Friday.

Good for the Bears.