More Audibles: Thayer, Twitter & Bye Week House Cleaning

| October 26th, 2011

Thayer’s Play of the Week: Forte’s Run

If I ran a local Chicago TV station I would give Tom Thayer a half hour program every week to truly break down the particulars of each Bears game.  During this weekly segment on the site I continually find myself smarter about football at the end of the three or four minutes.  This week’s is brilliant:

On Terrell Owens, Bernard Berrian…


I love Brad Biggs but he does not need to write full-length pieces for the Trib in response to Twitter followers asking him about washed up wide receivers.  Any time any player is mentioned as being available, I get a dozen Tweets from Bears fans asking me if the Bears will sign them.  Fans believe since the Bears have cap space they should throw it at a million different players, specifically the types of players they’ve become familiar with through their fantasy obsessions.  What the Bears lack in their receiving corps is simple: a true #1 talent to draw double-teams from opposing defenses.  Those types of players are not available in late October.

Some In-House Things To Discuss

  1. I heard some of you loud and clear on your desire to have one of those on-site chats for game day.  I just don’t like them, to be honest.  If the Comments experience is not what it needs to be let’s use this bye week to try and get better.  Use the section below or email me (jeff@dabearsblog.com) with specific complaints regarding the commenting experience.
  2. I am going to be in Chicago from December 1-6.  I mentioned the possibility of doing a little blog get together/party on Saturday night Dec. 3 at a bar of my choosing.  If any of you guys are interested in something like that, let me know.  If not, I won’t waste time on it.
  3. The Picks Contest will conclude on the final day of the regular season.  If no one is the outright winner, we’ll continue through the postseason with a tournament-style contest to win the array of prizes from out sponsors.  It will definitely be fun.