Not the Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears Game Preview

| December 14th, 2011

Normally on Thursday mornings I like to have my game preview up for the coming game. In that game preview there will be a collection of thoughts on Bears vs. Blah Blah ranging from vague cliches like “the Bears must contain the run game” to specifics (based on previous game-watching) like “Johnny Knox must get the first step on the nickel corner when lined up in the slot on the second-and-long”. They are game previews, sure. But mostly there are de facto game plans – my objectives for and warnings to the Chicago Bears.

I will do no such thing this week. Not after losing to the short bus Kansas City Chiefs offense two Sundays ago at Soldier Field and not after The Marion Barber Game. (Side note: Barber should be ashamed of himself for avoiding the media the way he’s done since his pathetic display Sunday. It’s one thing to showcase such mental laziness. It’s a worse thing to avoid taking responsibility for it with the fans.) What would be the point of trying to break down a football game featuring these Cutler-less Chicago Bears? Do you believe they can score two touchdowns (in one game) on any team in football?

But I want a win Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. Perhaps the Falcons will lose Thursday night to the Jacksonville Jaguars and that win Sunday would insert this post-Cutler disaster into the postseason race once again. But even if the Falcons roll the Jags, as they should, I want the Bears to show up for the final regular season home game of the year and deliver an inspired effort. I want to see the kind of spirit and fight that will inspire me throughout the offseason to believe the 2012 Chicago Bears will be able to fulfill the promise of the 7-3 2011 Chicago Bears. I want to see that these men wearing navy blue and orange are not quitting on this campaign after the disasters of the past eight quarters.

Win. Whether it matters or not for any playoff hunt. Win. Your fans, especially those gathered on Lake Shore Drive Sunday, deserve this from you. This season was far too exciting, far too promising, for everything to devolve into a black hole of winless football in the final month. Win. For us. Please.