Off-Season Audibles From the Long Snapper

| February 11th, 2011

Editor’s Note: The 2011 t-shirt designs will be out in the next few weeks.  We’re just getting things ready in order to present them in the best way possible.

Marshall Faulk’s Pointed Criticism of Wide Receivers
There are very few football men I respect more than Marshall Faulk.  He was one of the most dominant players the sport has ever seen during the golden age of the Martz offense in St. Louis.  In today’s Tribune he grills and serves the Bears receivers:
“In this offense if you run a slant and a defender is coming down on you then you have to cross his face,” he said Tuesday on “Chicago Tribune Live.”
“But every time I see Johnny Knox run a slant he goes behind the defender and you see an interception go the other way and everyone looks at Jay Cutler and says, ‘How did he throw that pass?’ That is going to be a mistake no matter who the quarterback is.”
On the quality of the Bears wide receivers: “I see no pure wideout. When we ran Martz’ offense in St. Louis we had three or four pure wideouts. … If you are still teaching that stuff to your wide receivers then in this offense you can’t blame the QB.”

If the Bears are going to successfully run the Mad Mike offense, they must add a big target wide receiver in the mold of Torry Holt or Isaac Bruce.  They must add an experience route runner.  And they must do so before the summer.

Pats to Franchise Mankins?
PFT cites a Boston Herald report stating the Patriots will apply the franchise tag to guard Logan Mankins, taking the man sure to be the most heavily sought after lineman off the market.  The Bears have decisions to make along the o-line but those decisions will not involve Mankins.
Notice to Fans & Friends
Please stop sending me links to the Fridge story that ESPN ran this week.  It is too depressing for words and I refuse to even link it here.  As a fan of the man’s and someone who idolizes greatly every member of the 1985 team, I hope for him get healthy and put his life together.  
If Mike Pouncey is Available…
…the Bears must take the Florida guard at #29.  Pouncey could become the new Matthews.