One of the Most Unacceptable Losses of My Lifetime

| December 11th, 2011

I could spend fifty hours writing about how angry this game, particularly the last five minutes, made me today. But one thing is certain: Lovie Smith and the Chicago Bears coaching staff gave this game to the Denver Broncos. After forcing Tim Tebow into difficult situations all afternoon, Lovie went prevent. Pure, old fashioned prevent. And allowed Tebowed to walk the ball down the field with screens and underneath routes. It was pathetic coaching. Sad, pathetic coaching by a staff that should be ashamed of themselves. They cost the Bears postseason hope today.

Other thoughts:

  • Kudos to Adam Podlesh and Craig Steltz. Wonderful games from both.
  • Marion Barber. You just made the stupidest play in the history of this organization. Congrats. And what was the fumble in overtime? Was that just to remind us how stupid the play you made in regulation was?
  • Tim Tebow started at quarterback for the Denver Broncos and he was the best quarterback on the field.

I have no energy for this. None. Three weeks ago I thought the Jay Cutler Bears could win the Super Bowl. Now I have this. Seattle comes next week. The only question is, “Who cares?”