One Week til Preseason Opener

| August 6th, 2011


I usually don’t like Steve Rosenbloom’s useless negativity blog but today he’s nailed the Park District for their failure water the field:

Hey, people, go easy on the Chicago Park District. It’s not easy to grow decent grass in the middle of a Chicago wint… oh, wait.  I believe this is the earliest point in a football season that the Park District has ever embarrassed itself.

So they really just didn’t water the grass?  Is it possible the Park District is that incompetent?


It looks like I’ll have my opportunities to complain once again as Johnny Knox is being targeted as a return man on kickoffs.  I maintain that anytime a Bear not named Devin Hester touches the football on a return it is a gross error in the coaching department.  Hester is the greatest return man in the history of the sport and the most exciting player currently in the game.  Let him return the damn ball.


…and Congress love it!  You know what?  I don’t.  I don’t bemoan anything football players put into their bodies to survive the grueling physical toll of an NFL season.  If they have to bite the heads off live seals in order to keep their spinal cords from shattering the year after they retire so be it.