Open Debate: First Round Draft Pick

| March 28th, 2011

Because there is no free agency period and because the NFLPA and NFL owners are currently entangled in the stupidest labor dispute in American history, there is nothing to write about.  Instead I’ve been spending all my time developing TheOtherSports.com (come check it out) and focusing my attention on non-NFL activites.

Today’s open debate is an easy one.  Who should Jerry Angelo and company select in the first round?  My answer: Mike Pouncey, Florida.

Yes I know that most have Pouncey slotted before the Bears select at 29.  (Prognosticators have him going anywhere from 20-28.)  But Pouncey is the perfect addition to the Bears offensiive line.  He would immediately start at guard and be the natural successor to Olin Kreutz at center as our beloved #57 only has one or two more rodeos left in his hind quarters. 

I also liked the PFT report wherein Pouncey declared he’d attend the draft if invited and regardless of the the NFLPA.  I like someone who doesn’t care what he’s expected to do and I like those kinds of guys in the trenches for the Chicago Bears.

So…who is your pick?