Positives and Negatives From the Bears Loss to the Packers

| December 25th, 2011

It is hard to continue judging these games as if they are real games. They are not real games. They are games played with the alarming disadvantage of the Bears not having Jay Cutler. Other thoughts.


  • Kahlil Bell is the answer at the backup tailback position. He needs to protect the football better but he has vision, speed and is a solid catcher of the football.
  • Josh McCown. What did you think? I kinda like him. Let’s see it again next week.
  • Funny how the receiving corps, including Sanzenbacher and Roy, look serviceable when an actual passer is taking the snaps behind center.
  • Hey, I’d even keep Armando Allen on the roster. He’s got the kind of speed that would be useful backing up Hester on kick and punt returns.
  • The offensive line. Against the best team in football they played an excellent game., especially in the run game.


  • Where was the goddamn pressure? Against backup tackles Julius Peppers and the crew have to get pressure on the QB. I believe this team can no longer rely on Izzy Idonije to provide a compliment to Pep.
  • So did anyone beside Lovie Smith believe Zach Bowman could play corner at a professional level?
  • I think any talk of Robbie Gould making the Pro Bowl is absurd. He’s missed important kicks all year and I’m getting tired of every directional kick he attempts going out of bounds.
  • Bad night for Nick Roach. Just looked awful in coverage but then again he was covering Jermichael Finley for some reason. His overpursuit on a few pitches outside was inexcusable.
  • I kept hearing Henry Melton’s name. Who else played defensive tackle for the Bears tonight? Other than Okoye’s offsides I didn’t hear another tackle’s name called.
  • Why is Devin Hester playing? What is Lovie trying to prove by risking the long term health of a major Bears weapon?
  • The deep touchdown pass to Nelson that ended the game was ludicrous. Why in god’s name would Major Wright and Craig Steltz be doubling a wideout? I get sick thinking about it.

Bad night but expected. I think most Bears fans stopped caring weeks ago. I haven’t. You can look at this group and see what was there and that’s what it makes it hard to watch. 2012 is coming soon.