Quick Thoughts on a Resounding Bears Victory

| September 11th, 2011

Here are my quick thoughts on a wonderful Bears win.  I told you this team was terrific.  I told radio hosts in multiple markets too.

  • I will be telling the whole story of where and how I watched the game tomorrow.  It is quite good but it requires a literary flair.
  • J’Marcus Webb struggled with John Abraham but that’s to be expected.  The Bears need to find ways to slide help his way.  Give the kid the chance to succeed.
  • Brian Urlacher.  Hi.  You look terrific.
  • You too, Jay.
  • But I thought Cutler got lucky on a few tosses into tight spots.  The outlet to Forte is going to be there on every play.  Take it.
  • Julius Peppers is some kind of animal.
  • Pay Forte.
  • I don’t know who to credit Lovie for more: Matt Toeaina or Henry Melton.  Both were excellent today.
  • I know he’s not going to Canton but Peanut Tillman might be my favorite Bear of the modern era.  Nobody, and I mean nobody, strips the ball like 33.
  • I like Adam Podlesh.
  • Martz, stop calling end arounds.  Especially with Dane Sanzenbacher.
  • Does Roy Williams get to call Steven Rosenbloom personally?
  • Why is Corey Graham so damn good on specials?
  • Am I crazy loving Tyler Clutts?
  • Nick Reed might be a player.
  • I’m not done with Henry Melton.  Hey, Henry!  Don’t pull a Tommie!  Keep working and keep getting better.
  • Cutler’s miss to Kellen Davis on the sure thing TD was unfortunate but don’t disregard the brilliance of the play call.

That’s enough.  I’m liquored up.  Brilliant win.  Brilliant performance.