Saturday Show & Fantasy Playoffs Round 2

| January 13th, 2011


On this episode: Songs about Matt Hasselbeck and Favre’s meth-lab sister, Viva and I square off in the Picks Champions League, the Reverend rants against misplaced anger towards Jerry Angelo and I monologue about what would make 2010 a successful season.
All your pivotal Fantasy Playoffs information is on the B-side…

And now we enter the Divisional Round of the Fantasy Playoffs, with twenty-four bloggers still competing to winning the monthly off-season column.  The remaining competitors are:

Jokey — Wrigley FM — enderwiggin — Perno — Shady — Viva — Jimmy Newport  Bears-4-Ever — SC Dave — sjvl — ChiTownHustler — Doshi — FQD1911  WarriorWaddle — BigT — Sdwat52 — Michael L — Bears85Sweetness23  Cormonster — MikeBrownhadaPosse — IrishSweetness — reprisal  TheBigCheesy — 85bearz4ever

Things to know:
  1. You can not select any of the three players you selected for the Wild Card round.
  2. My goal is to eliminate half the field this week.  So tiebreakers will come into play.
  3. I will not be as quick with the updated standings as I was last week since I’ll be nowhere near a computer for most of the day Sunday.  (Hopefully I’ll start drinking heavily at 4:15 PM EST in a celebratory mode.)
  4. Starting next week, the picks will be submitted to me via e-mail, as the strategy becomes interesting.  I’ll explain this more as we celebrate the Seahawks win (knock on everything) and prepare for the NFC Championship Game.
Submit your picks below.  You have until 4:00 PM EST (3:00 PM CST) Saturday to get your names in.