Seahawks at Bears Divisional Round Preview

| January 12th, 2011

It is why we argue and debate from mid-February until
early-September about the make-up of the roster and alignment of the coaching
staff.  It is why we spend that sleepless
night before opening day, like an eight year-old on Christmas Eve, anticipating
the action figure he’s coveted for the weeks and months previous.  It is why, win or lose, we fight with rival
fans, the national media and the skeptic inside ourselves in defense of our
favorite football team: the Chicago Bears. 
It is the playoffs.  And it has
come to Soldier Field.






Why do I like the Chicago Bears this week?

  • I always like the Chicago Bears.
  • The best thing that happened to the Bears all season turned
    out to be their defeat at the hands of Seahawks in Week Six.  How can you take an opponent for granted when
    that opponent has already beaten you at home? 
    The Bears defense, a prideful bunch, was embarrassed by Matt Hasselbeck and
    will not want to see history repeated. 
    Defensive POY candidate Julius Peppers was handled sufficiently by
    rookie Russell Okung and I suspect he’ll be angling for revenge.  There will be a rallying call at Halas Hall
    this week and that call will be 23-20.
  • Very few opponents can cancel out Leon Washington.  The Bears don’t just call Washington,
    they raise him Devin Hester.
  • I believe the Bears will have success running the ball to
    the edges of the ‘Hawk defense with Matt Forte, who has simply been one of the
    best backs in football over the last five or six weeks.
  • That running success outside will open up the two needed facets
    of the pass game: shots down field to the speed receivers and quick tosses to
    G-Reg (catch the damn thing) and Earl Bennett. 
  • I think the Seahawks will have minimal success running the
    ball and getting it outside to Mike Williams, taking advantage of
    off-coverage.  I don’t believe they’ll
    have enough success with either to control the game.
  • I think we shouldn’t forget that while Mike Williams was the
    chains-mover for the Seahawks, it was Ma Hass making big throws down the
    sidelines, specifically to Deon Butler, that put points on the board.  Unless Marshawn Lynch takes over the game, I
    expect LoveRod to stay in a disciplined cover-2 shell.
  • I don’t pretend to understand the psyche of Jay Cutler.  I don’t think anyone other Cutler does.  But I have to believe that a competitor of his nature will relish this opportunity while understanding he can not take the kinds of chances he’s taken repeatedly in the regular season.  He has to understand that throwing the ball away is necessary to prevent a two or three-yard loss on a crucial second down.  He has to understand that the Super Bowl, the grandest of all football stages, is within his team’s grasp.  If he doesn’t understand these things, he’s not the leader or player I think he is.  18-24, 240 yards, 2 touchdowns.
  • Name one thing the Seahawks do better than the Bears.  I can’t either.  Put the game in Soldier Field and the Bears have no excuse but to win this game.

Chicago Bears 27, Seattle Seahawks 13