So I Took the Day and Settled My Thoughts…

| December 19th, 2011

…and I have nothing. That’s the God’s honest truth. I have nothing of interest to add to our collective emotional states when it comes to this most disappointing of football seasons. I am in an advanced state of melancholia and I believe I know the reason why. You see, the 2011 season, is a lost season. It was not good. It was not bad. It was merely lost. Lost to the football gods – that arbitrary group of angelic beings tearing ACLs and breaking thumbs for the negative and applying sticky stuff to David Tyree’s helmet for the positive side. This happens in the NFL the way it rarely happens in other sports. Injuries can cripple a franchise, even if only momentarily. And in the span of about two weeks, the Bears lost 100% of their offense.

Now we play out the string, without even the possible splendor of ending the Packers perfect season. We definitely won’t see Forte again. We shouldn’t see Cutler again. And I know I have no interest in ever seeing Caleb Hanie take another snap for this organization. (I’m also good never seeing Marion Barber carry another ball or Roy Williams run another route but injuries have made both of those things necessities.) This is the time of year bad teams use to evaluate talent on the roster. Right now the Chicago Bears are a very, very bad team.

That’s it. I don’t even have a third paragraph. It’s Packer Week but damn it, it don’t feel like it.