Ten Folks to Blame for This Loss to the Lions

| October 10th, 2011

  1. Lovie Smith.  Really, Lovie?  You face a fourth-and-one and decide to try and coax an offside.  Then when that does not work, you decide to call timeout.  Then after the timeout you decide to go on fourth-and-one and run an inside handoff into the best part of the ENTIRE LIONS TEAM!  Why would anyone take you seriously anymore?
  2. Lovie Smith.  Explain to me your defense.  I’ve heard it should stop big plays.  It doesn’t.  I’ve heard it should force offenses to run long drives.  It doesn’t because they score on big plays.  So what is it you bring to the city of Chicago?
  3. Lovie Smith.  It may not have mattered but when you’re in field goal range down 11 with under a minute to go, kick the field goal.  It gives you a chance to win.
  4. Lovie Smith.  You are responsible for penalties, especially false starts on the road.  And your team looked like amateurs tonight.  Are you happy with that?
  5. Jerry Angelo.  If you want receivers that make catches consistently or safeties that stay in position, you have to sign them or draft them.  This group is not sufficient.
  6. Chris Harris.  Keep Tweeting, CH, seriously.  You played the worst game by a safety I think I’ve ever seen tonight.  You were lost in coverage and actually seemed to not care about making tackles in run defense tonight.  Please, Lovie, stop blitzing this guy on run downs.  #YouAreTerrible
  7. J’Marcus Webb and Frank Omiyale.  I know Omiyale sucks.  I am starting to think Mike Tice’s dreams for Webb are just those…dreams.
  8. Lovie Smith.  Explain to me the offensive game plan tonight, Lovie.  Some want to blame this on Mike Martz but I have no interest.  You are the head coach.  Explain to me what you planned to achieve offensively tonight.
  9. Lance Briggs.  How much more money do you want to make?  Sure you don’t want to keep playing at your current rate?  You have been an invisible entity this season.
  10. Peanut Tillman.  So what are you?  You drop interceptions and can’t actually cover a receiver man-to-man?  If another guy coached this team, would you make the roster?

I am angry.  I won’t listen to idiots telling me the season is over because 2-3 is one game out of the wild card.  But I am angry.  Our football team is better than it is being coached.  Will that change?  I don’t see it.  But the Vikings come to town next week.  It will be interesting.