Ten Important Notes From the First Day

| July 26th, 2011

I don’t want to be updating every piece of news coming across the Twitter wires and leaking through the various local newspapers around the country,.  But I’ll try to wrap things up as best I can and let you guys take over.  Here’s ten things that happened today:

1. The Cowboys put Roy Williams, Marion Barber and Leonard Davis back on the market.

2. The Giants put two good, if aging, offensive linemen on the market: Shaun O’Hara and Rich Seubert.

3. The Vikings are reportedly working out a trade for Donovan McNabb.

4. The Dolphins are reportedly pursuing a deal for Kyle Orton.

5. Many stories claim Tarvaris Jackson-to-Seattle is basically a done deal.  Matt Hasselbeck will officially not re-join the team as many believe he is headed to Tennessee – where he’ll start and groom Jake Locker.

6. Bernard Berrian and Jimmy Kennedy are done in Minnesota.

7. Baltimore released McGahee, Heap, Mason, Gregg.

8. Mark Sanchez has offered to restructure his contract with the Jets in order to keep Santonio Holmes in New York.  They are also rumored to be a possible destination for Namdi.

9. Mason Foster has signed with Tampa, leading many to believe Barrett Ruud will no longer be with the team.  It’ll be interesting to see if the Bears kick the tires on Rudd as they attempt to add depth at linebacker.

10. The Bears face competition for the services of Olin Kreutz and Nick Roach.  I don’t see a scenario wherein Kreutz leaves.  He once spurned Miami and took less money to stay here.  If Roach is guaranteed a starting job by some time, I can see him leaving.