The Meek Inherit the Championship

| February 7th, 2011

The trophy that bears their hero’s name is returning to Green Bay as the Packers have won Super Bowl XLV.  It was a bizarre football game that I’ve heard some people actually call great. Great?  A game where one team’s quarterback couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn and the other team’s receivers played like nervous high schoolers on a Friday night is a great game?  A game where the supposed veteran outfit played like first-timers, committing moronic personal fouls in big spots and fumbling on game-altering drives is great?

One thing is certain: Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback.  An all-time great quarterback.  And while the Bears have had more success against him than most defenses in the NFL, it will now be Rodgers who stands between the Bears and their quest for a second Super Bowl.  Rodgers was a marksman last night, his receivers costing him some of the gaudiest numbers in the history of the league’s most celebrated game.  Maybe another 100 yards.  Maybe a couple more touchdowns.  And now he’s got the same number of Super Bowl titles as Peyton Manning.
Today begins the 2011 season.  Sure there will be some labor issues over the coming months that dominate the conversation but I don’t believe for a second that a single meaningful day of football will be missed.  Not with this much money at stake and not with this much of a sure thing.  The target is now re-directed to February 2012 in Indianapolis – the perfect venue for a midwestern club to win the whole thing.  Free agency, draft, summer, season.  The Packers have their fourth Super Bowl.  It is time for the Bears to cut the deficit in half.

Congrats to MikeBrownhadaPosse – winner of the Fantasy Playoffs.  His first column will debut in March as we give him an opportunity to preview free agency for the Bears.