The Three Potential Opponents: Volume Three

| January 5th, 2011

It is something of a dream scenario.  The Seahawks upset the Saints Saturday and the Packers take out the Eagles.  That would bring, to Soldier Field, on a crisp Sunday afternoon…

#4 Seed
  1. They stink.  Though not as much as it stinks to be Robert Steele, who lost his eye at a two year-old girl birthday’s party in Huntley over a Sox/Cubs debate.  (Apparently a Cubs fan stomped him in the eye with a steel-toed boot after he used baseball facts to support his case.)  
  2. The Seahawks sport the 27th ranked pass defense and the 21st rush defense and the Bears have improved immensely at both since their first meeting in Week Six.  (Listen, they don’t rank good at anything.  They finished 7-9.)  The Bears would control the line of scrimmage on offense and move the ball easily.
  3. Other than their horribly played and boring as a WNBA game victory over the Rams, the ‘Hawks lost their three previous contests 41-20 (San Francisco), 34-18 (Atlanta, at home) and 38-15 (Tampa).  That’s 113-53.  That’s not good.
  4. The Seahawks only beat two teams on the road, the Arizona Cardinals and the Chicago Bears.  But their victory over the Bears was before the Bears had solved their basic protection issues, moved to the short passing game and developed a consistent run attack.  The Seahawks may use it as to booster confidence (along with their first-round victory over the Saints) but the Bears will use it as motivation.
  5. Matt Hasselbeck is not healthy and without a healthy Hasselbeck, the ‘Hawks have no shot at Soldier Field.
Why Not?
  1. Matt Hasselbeck, when he is healthy, knows how to dissect this defense.  And it doesn’t seem to matter who is playing wide receiver as he guided Mike Williams to a career performance in Week Six.
  2. Leon Washington is the second best kick returner in the sport and can blow games open.
  3. They will have shocked the sports world and beaten the champions the week previous.  They may start to believe in themselves as a team of destiny.
  4. I can’t come up with a fourth thing.  To be honest, that third one is a bit of a reach.  If we play the Seahawks and lose, I quit.