Thoughts on a Meaningless, Injury-less Game

| January 3rd, 2011

I spent the majority of yesterday afternoon laughingly rooting for Rex Grossman on the second television, half-afraid of looking at the Bears v. Packers game and seeing Peppers or Urlacher or Cutler being carted off the field with the sadness towel draped over their head as they headed into the tunnel.  As the game progressed and the fans around got into the game I never did.  I just wanted the clock to run out.  Here are my thoughts.

  • Matt Forte has regained his form and did it yesterday against one of the league’s better defenses.  
  • The game played yesterday at Lambeau Field featured the two best defenses in the NFC playoffs.
  • Does Devin Hester have strict instructions not to catch any ball he doesn’t plan on returning?
  • I think I understood the philosophy yesterday.  We don’t want to get anyone hurt but if someone is going to get hurt, it’s going to be Rashied Davis.  Wonderful performance by him actually.
  • If this game mattered, we’d be dissecting the Lovie Smith timeout that eradicated the third-and-long conversion late for the entirety of the offseason.
  • I don’t have game tape but it seemed to me that the offensive scheme was vanilla.  It looked like the Bears were going to play their asses off but not put anything worth noting on tape.
  • Poor performance by Jay Cutler overall as the offense reverted back to the deep-drop-launch-it-downfield crap that sabotaged the middle part of the year.  Every sack Jay took was absolutely unnecessary and in the current, concussion-obsessed culture they were also infuriating.
  • Outside of one play, the Bears defense might have delivered their finest performance of the season.  Maybe that will be the positive of yesterday?
  • How about that Peanut interception?
  • Nice punting by Brad Maynard.
  • If I were tight ends coach Mike DeBord, I would take Greg Olsen into a small room and smack him in the face and say, “Catch the goddamn ball!”
  • I’ll be honest, I’ll mailing this in.  I couldn’t have cared less about this game.  It is worth noting that the Bears have been scheduled for Sunday January 16th at 1:00pm.  
I will be announcing the framework for DaBearsBlog Fantasy Playoffs tonight – with the winner receiving a monthly column throughout the offseason (and longer if you do good work).  I will leak that I’ve decided to make all of you eligible for the competition as the turnout for DaPicks Contest was too good to ignore.