Thoughts on Dave Duerson and more…

| February 19th, 2011

My entire experience with Dave Duerson is on DVD these days; a set of DVDs chronicling the 1985 Chicago Bears season the Reverend’s parents had made.  I can only say that when hard times hit members of the ’85 team, we all hurt a little deeper and the outpouring of emotion from his teammates is well documented in the Trib.  The 1985 Chicago Bears, for some, are the pinnacle of success for a proud franchise.  For others they are the beginning of a life-long commitment.  But for all of us, they are family.  And a family member has passed.  RIP Dave Duerson.  You’ll be missed.

Please, Rosenbloom.  That’s Enough.
I get Steve Rosenbloom’s thing.  He’s negative.  He’s an asshole.  Writers have been making their living covering sports that way in Chicago for fifty years.  But for him to write a column arguing that the only coaches who deserve contract extensions are Super Bowl winners is enough to make your head spin.  If that were the case, there’d only be like 8 coaches in the whole league.  Does Lovie Smith deserve to be rewarded for this successful year?  Of course he does.  Does he deserve to be obscenely rewarded?  No.  And he won’t be.  One thing is puzzling about Rosenbloom and the Chicago media: when did the argument switch from the Bears being stingy to the Bears being too loose with money?  These guys are never happy and they never will be.  They want a Super Bowl every year in a league that’s sent 10 different NFC teams to 10 consecutive Super Bowls.  They’re lost.  Plain and simple.  And Rosenbloom is more lost than most.
New Punter in Town?
Richmond McGee’s two-year contract with the Bears should signal what most of us have believed down the stretch of the season: the Bears are looking to replace Brad Maynard.  Maynard was downright horrible for a lot of the 2010 season and if Jerry, Lovie and company decide it’s time to move on, I’ll support that decision whole heartedly.  Maynard’s tenure with the Bears has been an undeniable success as he kept the club in games while they staged some horrid offenses.  But hopes that he’d be another Landeta or Feagles seem for naught.
Soldier Field to Stay Soldier Field
For those of us who love having a stadium free of corporate sponsorship, I am excited to see this piece by Sean Jensen in the Sun-Times