Thoughts on Division Round Dominance

| January 17th, 2011

It was as dominant as the Chicago Bears have been this season, only letting the Seahawks make the game look closer by mailing in the last five minutes or so.  I have a lot of thoughts.

  • Good for Jay Cutler.  After taking some of the most personally pointed abuse of his career by Dick Reilly, Cutler put the offense on his back and led the way he’s needed to lead: on the field. 
  • When is the last time a Bears QB scored two rushing TDs on designed runs?
  • Greg Olsen not only looked like the best tight end in the league but he blocked like one of the best tight ends in the league.
  • Every guy along the offensive line played well.  I don’t have game tape and I don’t need it to realize that Jay had hours to throw the ball at times.  
  • Another note on the o-line.  When Webb and Omiyale push the perimeter rushers up field and the middle of the line holds, it gives Jay the pass/run option and has led to the most productive plays for the Bears over the last 9 games.
  • Did Brad Maynard and Corey Graham spend all week to together?  Graham seemed to know exactly where each punt was going to land and was brilliant covering them.
  • Charles Tillman.  The best game played by a Bears cornerback in a generation.
  • Our defensive line has to be the deepest in the league and they are downright frightening when Tommie Harris plays like Tommie Harris.
  • If Chris Harris is significantly injured and Major Wright plays every down next week, it’s a reason to be concerned.
  • I felt pretty good watching Brian Urlacher shed an offensive lineman and tackle a back for a loss.
  • Devin Hester is a remarkable kick returner but he is still a puzzle to me (and I think Mike Martz) at wide receiver.
  • I like these games where Robbie Gould just kicks off and makes extra points.
There will be a lot of writing on this space this week as we prepare for the biggest game in the history of the sport’s oldest rivalry.  I’ll have the updates Fantasy Playoff standings in a few hours.