Time For Real NFL Ownership To Step Up

| May 19th, 2011

Jumped onto PFT this morning and found this quote from Cowboys celebrity owner Jerry Jones: 

I didn’t spend $1.2 billion to build a stadium and not have the Cowboys playing football in it this year.”

No, Jerry, you did not.  But you and thirty-one of your colleagues have the opportunity to ensure there are football games played in Cowboys Stadium, Soldier Field, Lambeau and that 1.6 billion dollar disaster in the New Jersey swamplands.  (If I ran DaJetsBlog.com, I would never stop complaining.)   But I’m willing to forgive ownership groups in Carolina (Richardson’s an ass), Tampa (Glazer is London-obsessed), Jacksonville (Weaver would rather own a team in any other American city) and New Orleans (Does anyone trust Benson?).  The bulk of responsibility for this continuing lockout and looming missed season rests squarely on the shoulders of the ownership elite.

That means Jones.  And Kraft.  Rooney, Mara, McCaskey.  The names of men whose families had crafted the game we so love today (the latter) and the names of the families who will see the game into its next era (the former).    It is time for these men (and you, Virginia) whose lives are defined by the football teams they own to stand up and show what the game means to them, what their fans means to them.  It is time for these men  (still you too, Virginia) to stop this contractual tomfoolery and get a deal done.  And if it does not happen, it is on these men.  Not Weaver, Richardson and Benson.

Colts owner Jim Irsay took heat in the press recently for Tweeting that he and center Jeff Saturday could get a deal done on a cocktail napkin – presumably after a few cocktails had been set on that napkins.  I agree.  I believe Irsay and owners like Irsay can accomplish such things.  And that is why this lockout/season is on their shoulders.  In their hands.  And if September arrives without football, we’ll have no one but them to blame.  Them includes the family McCaskey.