Tons O’ Thoughts on a Thorough Shellacking

| October 17th, 2011

I am not that impressed.  I expected the Chicago Bears to dominate the Minnesota Vikings the way they did last night.  They are, without question, the superior football team and it was refreshing to see them perform like it.  Here are my quick hit thoughts on the ballgame.

  • I want to see it with more consistency but the changes along the offensive line and at safety seemed to be quite effective.  Why the Bears would ever keep Chris Spencer on the bench and let Frank Omiyale play is beyond me.  Conte/Wright is an actual free/strong safety combination and a pretty good one.  Wright was terrific cutting down the run and Conte kept the game in front of him.  Coach Smith, you are applauded.
  • I can’t root against Les Frazier.  Can’t do it.  But why, Les, why are you kicking the football to Devin Hester?
  • The unheralded star of this ballgame was Chris Williams.  I have been as critical of the former first-round pick as anyone out there but he owned the middle of the Vikes defensive line and seemed to have sprinter’s speed when he jumped outside.
  • I don’t know how comfortable I am with Jay Cutler’s confidence in Dane Sanzenbacher but I can’t remember a Bears receiver making a catch like his touchdown grab in the last decade.
  • Ask yourself if a verifiable number one receiver catches the jump ball Jay threw to Johnny Knox in the end zone.  (The answer is yes.)
  • Here are a few more first-time salutes: Nick Roach, Stephen Paea, Roy Williams.  I thought all three had solid evenings.
  • Devin Hester played his finest all-around football game as a Bear.  Getting out of bounds after a reception as the first half clock was ticking down actually shocked me.
  • If this is how Matt Forte is going to run the ball when he’s hungry for a new contract, why would you ever pay him? (That being said, Jerry should just cut the check at this point.)
  • Tyler Clutts was a terrific find by Mr. Angelo.
  • Don’t think special teams are pivotal?  Ask the Vikings.  They couldn’t punt the ball more than twenty yards, shanked a short field goal and allowed a kick return touchdown.  Adam Podlesh punted the ball better than he has all year.
  • I love having Jay Cutler as the Bears quarterback.  There, I said it.  You are seeing what he’s capable of with a few seconds in the pocket.
  • Anybody else notice a play in the second half wherein Peanut Tillman was rushing off the edge and Julius Peppers was covering a receiver down the field?  I thought I was seeing things.  Overall, I thought LoveRod’s defensive game plan for this game was terrific.  They brought extra defenders at the quarterback all night long.
  • Don’t want to complain but D.J. Moore…c’mon!  Coaches put you in the perfect position for a pick six and you drop the ball?  Can’t have that.
  • You guys believe me now about Donovan McNabb, right?  Urlacher and Paea both made a great play on the safety but all McNabb had to do was reach the ball out beyond the goalline
  • In this offense, specifically this offense, the Bears made the right decision by choosing Kellen Davis over Greg Olsen.  Every week Davis is surprising me with his ability to get open and make plays.

A thorough, dominating effort that should inspire some confidence around Halas Hall.