Weekend Show! Cam Worrell on Facing Tebow, Da Picks Contest Playoff Bracket & Bill Kirchen Rockabilly Tracks

| December 9th, 2011

This will be an abbreviated version of the show this week due to my rather hilarious attempts to return to New York from Chicago which involved a bonus night in my favorite American city, a three-hour (2 Old Styles for $11) O’Hare delay and a flight that featured extreme turbulence and a man vomiting all over his white dress shirt. There are tremendous Bill Kirchen tracks included so give the show a listen.

Note: There is nothing Picks Contests related in the Weekend Show! All information regarding the first round is below.

Rules for Round One of the Playoffs

There are four matches in Round One, listed above in the bracket. (Tobijohn receives two byes for finishing with four perfect weeks. Ufficio and NewBear receive one bye for three perfect weeks.) The rules for this week are you need to select the traditional three games against the spread. Any three teams you want. Because this is a win-and-advance format there are also two tiebreakers.

TIEBREAKER #1: Caleb Hanie’s passer rating (closest wins)

TIEBREAKER #2: Tim Tebow’s rush yardage (closest wins)

Lines for Round One of the Playoffs

BALTIMORE -16.5 Indianapolis


GREEN BAY -11 Oakland

DETROIT -7.5 Minnesota

NEW YORK JETS -9 Kansas City

New Orleans -3.5 TENNESSEE

MIAMI -3 Philadelphia

New England -8 WASHINGTON


Atlanta -3 CAROLINA

San Francisco -3.5 ARIZONA

DENVER -3.5 Chicago

SAN DIEGO -7 Buffalo

DALLAS -3 New York Giants

SEATTLE -6.5 St. Louis