Weekend Show! Featuring Lions Beat Man Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free-Press

| November 11th, 2011

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Lines This Week (Home Team in CAPS):

Steelers 3 BENGALS

CHIEFS 3 Broncos

Jaguars 3 COLTS


Texans 3 BUCS


DOLPHINS 3.5 Redskins

Saints 1 FALCONS

BROWNS 2.5 Rams

EAGLES 14 Cardinals

Ravens 6.5 SEAHAWKS

49ERS 3.5 Giants

BEARS 1.5 Lions

JETS 2 Patriots

PACKERS 13.5 Vikings

The Brothers: Jon (18-8-1), Jeff  (16-10-1), Chris (16-10-1)

The Commenter Perfect Weeks:, New Bear in Town (3), FQD1911 (2), SC Dave (2), BigDaddy (2), BossBear90 (2), Ufficio (2), tobijohn (2), Michael L (1), greenbayman (1), Sacramento’s #1 Bears Fan (1), ben in norcal (1), CanadaBear (1), #76 Mongo Murph (1), Shady (1), TheFifth (1), DYLbears23 (1), EnderWiggin (1), IrishSweetness (1)

NOTE ON PICKS CONTEST: The regular season for the Picks Contest will end on Monday night, December 5th.  You must have at least two (2) perfect weeks to advance to the postseason.  The postseason will be a lot of fun.