Weekend Show! ‘Sweetness’ Author Jeff Pearlman on How the Controversy Caused Him to “Lose Chicago”

| December 1st, 2011

Today on the Weekend Show I speak with author of the Walter Payton biography Sweetness, Jeff Pearlman. I encourage you to listen first to Jason Whitlock’s Real Talk interview with Pearlman by CLICKING HERE. I am covering some of the same ground as Whitty but that interview takes far longer to delve into Pearlman the man. If you have an opinion on this book, one way or the other, I encourage you to listen to this piece and allow the man to defend his work.

I do apologize for poor sound quality on both the show and Reverend themes. I shall rectify both issues by next week.

Lines This Week:

BILLS -1.5 Titans / DOLPHINS -3 Raiders / Ravens -6.5 BROWNS / Jets -3 REDSKINS / BUCS -3 Panthers/ 49ERS -13 Rams / Cowboys -6 CARDINALS / BEARS -8 Chiefs / STEELERS -7 Bengals / PATRIOTS -21 Colts / Chargers -2 JAGUARS / VIKINGS -1.5 Broncos / SAINTS -8 Lions / PACKERS -7.5 Giants / Falcons -2.5 TEXANS

The Brothers: Jon (23-12-1), Jeff (19-15-2), Chris (20-15-1)

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NOTE: Last chance, kids. You need to get to the second win to make the postseason, beginning next weekend. I will have the full playoff brackets ready by midweek.

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