A Bye Week Football Viewer's Guide for Bears Fans

| October 14th, 2012

Pictured above: the Reverend, the blog tee shirt and Izzy Idonije.

Rooting interests:

  • Houston over Green Bay. Obviously. This Packers team simply can’t lose enough for me.
  • Washington over Minnesota. I’m still shocked I have to keep track of who the damn Vikings are playing. I had them getting the first pick in the draft this year. The Vikings – outside the Favre years – have never really bothered me and I’d far rather battle them for a division title.
  • Philadelphia v. Detroit is an interesting one. I am going to root for Mike Vick and the Eagles even though that they may come back to haunt me in December due to the wild card implications. Detroit has just become the most unlikable group of individuals in the league.
  • I’m pulling for the 49ers over the Giants because I believe the 49ers are going to run away with the NFC West now and I would be terrified to see the Giants, and those guaranteed-to-wake-up-pass-rushers, in the post-season.
  • It’s also an easy week to have fun rooting AFC over NFC as there are a bunch of match-ups. You want Patriots over Seahawks, Dolphins over Rams, Bills over Cardinals and – the longest of long shots – Raiders over Falcons. Nobody thinks wild card race in October…except for me.

Enjoy what should be a terrific, stress-free day of football games.