Audibles From the Long Snapper: Around the NFL Edition

| March 22nd, 2012

Not a lot happening in Bearsland over the last few days. The team is still waiting on free agent RB Michael Bush to make a team selection and he is thought to be deciding between Chicago, Seattle and Cincinnati (who’ve just signed Benjarvus Green-Ellis). Outside of that decision the Bears seem to have focused their attention on the draft and I don’t start writing seriously about the draft until we’re a week or two out.

A lot has happened across the NFL and I am taking today to weigh-in.

  • The Broncos traded Tim Tebow to the Jets – who have announced he’ll be the backup quarterback to Mark Sanchez. (1) Drew Stanton is angry with the organization because they promised they would not add another quarterback. Calm down, Drew. If a team believes they can improve a position it is incumbent upon them to do so even at the risk of hurting the emotions of crappy quarterbacks. (2) If the Jets are going to sell us on Tebow running the wildcat in New York they might want to look at the numbers. The wildcat hasn’t worked in the NFL in two years and Tebow has NEVER RUN that offense. He runs a strictly college read-option. It is an offensive system that depends on solid running backs and the threat of the pass. (3) Mark Sanchez is in trouble. This God-fearing Tebow fan morons don’t know anything about football. But they will be in the Meadowlands 8 times this year and every Sanchez interception will be met with a chorus of “Tebow!” Tebow is the circus. He brings the clowns. (4) Congrats to Modells Sporting Goods in New York. Giants Super Bowl. Linsanity. Tebow to the Jets. In one quarter. I should have bought stock.
  • The NFL penalties against the Saints were tough but contrary to other columnists I don’t think you’ll see much of an impact on-field in 2012. Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and quarterback Drew Brees are more-than-capable of designing and operating the team’s offense and whatever wrinkle Sean Payton might have added each week will surely still arrive from an unknown email address. Steve Spagnuolo is one of the best defensive coordinators in the game and he’ll find ways to compensate for however many players suffer suspensions on the defensive side of the ball. (In reality the Saints don’t exactly have the ’85 Bears over there. They don’t have a single player they can’t succeed without on D.) I’m picking them to win the division.
  • I applaud Mario Williams for choosing the Buffalo Bills and I am happy for those fans in northern New York. The Bills are a great franchise and they’ve seen nothing but dour times since Jim Kelly left town. Mario Williams (and subsequently Mark Anderson) gives them one of the better defensive lines in the league. And their re-signing of Stevie Johnson before the start of free agency saved them millions – and I mean millions – of dollars. Great off-season for them and I’m picking them to go to the playoffs. Again.
  • I actually heard this sentence: “Peyton Manning will not be successful immediately in Denver because the talent is not there currently.” Question. How many games did the 2010 Indianapolis Colts win? Answer. 10. Question. How many games did the 2011 Indianapolis Colts win without Peyton Manning? Answer. 2. Clearly Peyton is cool with not having a ton of talent around him. (Side note: the Broncos have terrific young talent at WR. You just didn’t get to see it last year because they had a QB who couldn’t throw.) I’d be shocked if the Broncos don’t repeat in the AFC West.
  • I’m not buying the newly-manufactured debate between Andrew Luck and RG3 for the top pick in the draft but it’d be nice to have some drama on draft night.
  • Call me crazy but I think the 2012 Miami Dolphins will enter the season significantly worse than the 2011 Miami Dolphins.

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