Audibles From the Long Snapper: Little To Write About Edition

| February 29th, 2012

Party Update No. 1

We will have the Chicago location of the NFL Draft first round party selected, I hope, by the end of next week. We will have several prizes but the grand prize will be two terrific seats (beside me) for a Bears game next year. I won’t be selecting that game until the schedule is released in early April but it will almost certainly be in either November or December. Once we have the location set, I’ll provide all the details needed. It will be a very fun night.

Bears Raise Ticket Prices and That’s Fine

I know some fans want to yell and scream whenever the franchise they support raises ticket prices but don’t complain when it comes to minimal increases at Soldier Field. (1) Soldier Field is the NFL’s smallest stadium and in order to maintain the intimacy that makes it one of America’s greatest sport venues it is imperative for ownership to adjust to the market. (2) The interesting quote from Ted Phillips is this one:

“Player spending, if one year you are a little higher, typically you will be a little lower (the next),” Phillips said. “Last year, the plan was not to be in the bottom quartile of spending. A lot of that, frankly, is we were setting aside some money for Matt Forte, which didn’t transpire.”

If money was set aside for it to happen why didn’t it happen? And does this quote not lead one to conclude perhaps the organization was upset Jerry could not reach a deal with Matt’s people? I would imagine if ownership curbed spending last offseason in preparation for a large Forte contract and that contract never materialized, they would be pretty upset. This is an ownership group that has all but shed their frugal reputation over a half decade of big contracts and I wonder if Jerry’s lack of progress with Forte wasn’t their final straw.

Why I Like Plaxico Burress 

I know, I know Plaxico has stated ad nauseum he’d like to play for the Philadelphia Eagles but I feel confident stating the giraffe will play for whatever team cuts him the biggest check. Plax is no longer the outside threat he once was but he can provide two desperately necessary elements for Cutty. (1) Cutty tends to sail passes high over the middle. It is impossible to throw the ball over Plax’s head. (2) A dynamic threat in the red zone. Plax was great for Mark Sanchez in 2011. I don’t believe Burress should be perceived as the answer for the Bears at wide receiver in 2012. But he could be an answer towards developing a top tier receiver corps.