Audibles From the Long Snapper: Monday Morning Edition

| January 9th, 2012

On Tim Ruskell as the next General Manager

I know this was written about in the Tribune and picked up nationally by ProFootballTalk but I don’t believe for one second the Bears will hire Tim Ruskell to be their next GM. Firing Jerry Angelo was a move motivated by public relations as much as it was motivated by narrowing the talent gap in the division. Exiling Angelo was perhaps the first unanimously applauded move by the folks at Halas Hall in more than a few generations. If they were to promote Ruskell they would have a hard time distancing him not from his record in Seattle but from his relationship with Angelo. It is safe to say Bears fans will be satisfied with just about any front office man from around the league as long as he does not come from the current Bears front office. (Either way I expect a lot of movement on this position in the coming days.)

A Note on Towels…

I don’t want to hear any more about fan bases that support the New York Giants and the Pittsburgh Steelers. If you require a prop, any prop, especially a towel, to show your enthusiasm at a sporting event, I’m done with you. I spent a lot of time in Giants Stadium as a kid and I could not believe what I was seeing in the stands Sunday afternoon. White towels? What’s next, a rally monkey?

Fantasy Playoffs Update!

Below are the list of entrants into the wild card round of the Fantasy Playoffs. If your name is in bold you are eligible for the division round. Selections will be accepted on the Friday post.

Blogfather 21

Reverenddave 11

Gpldan 23

SidLuckman42 17

Who is Willie Gault 12

Doc Nitty 34 17

Evantonio 0

Jimmychange 13

FQD1911 17

#76 Mongo Murph 15

do53 35

thebigcheese 17

TheConsummator 15

CanadaBear 15

DYLbear23 35

SC Dave 19

Artoo 12

Tobijohn –8

Jimwoww 19

Crunch Buttsteak 0

Bigrobstunner 12

Nagurski 1

TheFifth 15

MB30SD 11

MikeV in OR 3

TracDaddy 13

Chris Odom 12

JAB1 33

AfroCelt 9

BobbyDouglass –1

BigT 19

Jmcyclone 0

NewBearInTown –3

Elcaney 19

Perno 25

WalterCampsGhost 1

Albertintucson 23

EnderWiggin –9

BearsFan4Life 17

The Void 29

Shannon Pankster 23

Jokey  42

MikeBrownhadaPosse  13

Ufficio 9

Michael L 13

RunC%amp;D 11

Bigbossbear  13

Shady –9