Audibles From the Long Snapper: More Forte, Schedule Coming, Draft Party

| March 28th, 2012

How the Chicago Bears Can Help Forte Save Face

The dispute between Matt Forte and Halas Hall reached its pinnacle last week with Forte’s Twitter tantrum following Phil Emery’s signing of Michael Bush. (A wonderful signing. Bush adds versatility Marion Barber did not possess.) Sean Jensen of the Sun-Times had this quote from Lovie Smith this morning:

Right now, Matt Forte the football player has a problem with our organization. It’s not about one person.

Lovie is right. Forte feels disrespected by Lovie, Phil Emery, Ted Phillips, the McCaskey family and the cute broad speaking to children in front of the Seurat painting at the Art Institute of Chicago. The solution here is simple, however. The Bears need to make it public they’re reopening discussions with Forte’s people. Invite the Double Deuce and his agent Adisa Bakari to Halas Hall. Sit them in the room. Make a deal. Since no one knows for sure what offer is currently on the table, Forte can save face by the Bears front office making it look like his vocal unhappiness ushered this deal down the aisle.

It is a cosmetic concept but Forte’s misguided tweet painted him in a corner wherein I’m not sure he can accept whatever their current offer is without losing all credibility with the media and around the league. That’s why the Bears should bring he and his agent in. I don’t believe Matt Forte is a great running back, worthy of breaking the team’s cap. I do believe they are far superior with him than without him.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

The NFL announced yesterday the Cowboys will face the Giants at the Meadowlands on Wednesday night, September 5th to open the 2012 season. This was a significant upset. Most expected the decision to come down to the Packers and Steelers – both visiting the Giants this year.

A few things to remember about the schedule this year. (1) The Patriots will meet the Rams in the ridiculous, annual London game. The Rams have signed a deal to host that game for the next few years. (2) Thursday night football begins the second week of the season. Because of that every team in football will have a primetime game this season. (3) NBC has taken over the Thanksgiving night game from the NFL Network. NBC won’t want to be stuck with a clunker don’t be surprised if a major division rivalry isn’t sitting in this space.  (Giants v. Eagles, Bears v. Packers, Steelers v. Ravens…etc.)

Don’t Forget DaBlog’s First Round NFL Draft Party

Where: Cortland’s Garage, Bucktown

When: Thursday night, April 26th. Starting at 6 PM.

What: For $5 you can be entered into a raffle to win a pair of lower tier tickets to a 2012 Chicago Bears game at Soldier Field. (We’ll announce which game when the schedule is released.) Once you enter the raffle there is a $25 open bar at the bar in place from the second the Colts go on the clock until the final pick of the round is made. There will also be other giveaways throughout the evening.

Hope to see you there.