Audibles From the Long Snapper: Oh! Tee! Ay!

| May 31st, 2012

Webb v. Williams Will Take Center Stage in Bourbonnais

Chris Williams has been officially relocated from left guard to left tackle. So say those covering the minute-to-minute of the OTAs and so I believe. I don’t like it. I thought Chris Williams was quite possibly the most improved player on the Bears roster last year and he seemed to thrive at guard as the season progressed. But the powers that be have determined otherwise and now Williams will compete with the oft-maligned J’Marcus Webb for the starting left tackle position in Bourbonnais.

Thus the stage is set for the most public, dramatic battle of Bears training camp. I would expect Williams – with his first-round pedigree and polish – to win the battle and relegate Webb to the quite useful role of swing tackle. (His experience on both sides being an asset.) I have a feeling we’ll be tracking how many times the combination of Peppers/McClellin/Idonije beat both men at practice daily.

Enough About Devin Hester…

I can’t remember a sillier plot line heading into an off-season summer than “the Devin Hester package”. The Skunk is going to be lining up in the slot (when Earl Bennett doesn’t) and catching the occasional bomb from Jay Cutler. He is not going to be a down-for-down part of the base offense and anyone who thinks otherwise has not (1) watched him play receiver for the last five years (2) grasped the impact Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are going to have on this organization.

Tee-Shirt Announcement

After teasing the shirt on Twitter and receiving some terrific recommendations, we have gone back to the drawing board a bit and redesigned the shirt. The plan is to make the shirt available on Friday June 15th and give everyone til August 1st to place their orders. We’ll do all the shirts in one big shipment and have them sent off to you by September 1st. We’ll also have a limited number of DaBearsBlog koozies available.