Audibles From the Long Snapper: Quick Hits

| June 20th, 2012


We’ve clamored for it a long time and it is now a reality. The NFL is making its All-22 (coaches) tape available to every single fan in the world – on the internet – for only $70. I have a bunch of random thoughts on this development:

  • It is another bad step for the newspaper industry. For years fans have relied upon the information from newspapers and networks less and less and now, with access to the same tape as Dan Pompei and Jaws, fans will turn to themselves. It will empower NFL fans both gloriously and obnoxiously.
  • My biggest issue with writing about the NFL is my completely inability to evaluate offensive linemen and off-ball defensive players. That will no longer be an issue in 2012. DaBearsBlog will have the All-22 and spend Monday mornings re-watching each Bears game.
  • I can’t imagine GMs and coaches will like this. Fans already think they know more than the professionals running football organizations. Now the fans will cite evidence.

And it’s a question. Gregg Williams admitted to his role in the bounty scandal. He has accepted, without appeal, his indefinite suspension. So if the defensive coordinator admittedly orchestrated a bounty program with the New Orleans, how are all of the Saints defenders denying involvement? Did Williams do it himself? Did he pay Joe Vitt to hurt players? Isn’t this truly the only piece of evidence Roger Goodell needs?

Also I continue to love players complaining about THINGS THEY AGREED TO IN THEIR CBA! What happened during that negotiation, exactly? They agreed to franchise tag continuation and not a single player in the NFL wants to accept the franchise tag. They granted Roger Goodell full authority on disciplinary measures and now the NFL player Twitter world is exploding with idiocy calling him a “tyrant”. I don’t get it.


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