Audibles From the Long Snapper: Shirts, 'Sante, Savior & Song

| October 31st, 2012

Tee Shirts Sales Close Today

Orders will take some time. We will be processing them and sending them out by December 1st. (It would have been sooner but we’ve had some storm-related issues.)  To get your shirt (pictured above) simply CLICK HERE. We simply don’t have the manpower to take orders on a rolling basis. So get them in by midnight tonight and you’re all set.

Not Bears But Hysterical: Asante Samuel

Just watch this video. It’s enjoyable.

Brandon Marshall Should Be Mentioned in the MVP Race

I predicted I would writing something like t by midyear and sure enough I am. But just imagine where the Chicago Bears would be today if Brandon Marshall were not on the roster. While the defense has carried the club thus far Marshall has been a revelation at wide receiver.

    • Marshall is on pace for 115 catches. The record is 100 for Marty Booker in 2001.

  • Marshall is on pace for 1,542 yards. Marcus Robinson had 1400 in 1999.
  • Marshall is on pace for 10 touchdowns. Dick Gordon had 13 in 1974 and Ken Kavanaugh had 13 in 1947.

I still think we haven’t seen Marshall’s best. It’s coming. 15 catches, 250 yards and a bunch of touchdowns. Just a matter of time.

The Psychological Importance of 7-1

The Bears lacked urgency on Sunday. They lacked focus. They lacked energy. They delivered a three-quarter dud and a better team, a more dynamic offense, would have beat them by two or three touchdowns. You would hope that performance and their tape study will be a significant wake up call and they’ll play inspired Sunday in Nashville. Because it’s a pivotal game. Why?

Not just because of the schedule. Sure it would be nice to maintain a no less than two-game cushion over the Packers heading into the more difficult second half of their season. But the Bears follow Sunday’s game with a Sunday night contest against Houston and a road trip to San Francisco the following Monday – two terrific teams with two of the league’s three best defenses. The Bears could conceivably play well and lose both those games. They need a win keep the media’s questions on game results and not on the more general contender/pretender nonsense. Because if they lose to Tennessee the media will make Sunday night against Houston a referendum on their entire season. (It won’t be but the media won’t care to let fact get in the way of a good story.)

I Don’t Know Mark Dvorak…

…but he’s about to have a lot more people watch his video.



Hopefully Noah and I will be have no issue getting to Nashville this weekend. I’ve received a few emails from Bears fans who’ll be gathering down and we’re trying to put together a spot for a few drinks on the weekend. Let me know if you’re planning to be there by emailing me. jeff@dabearsblog.

P.S. I did fine in the storm. Both my neighborhood in Queens and my lady’s neighborhood in Manhattan suffered minimal damage. But a lot of my family went through a rough one – especially down the Jersey shore. So thoughts with them.