Audibles From the Long Snapper: There's No Off-Season Edition

| January 18th, 2012

Mike Tice Will Interview With the Oakland Raiders Tuesday

Unless you’re a devout follower of the bullshit spewed by Steve Rosenbloom almost daily on the Tribune’s website, you understand that having your offensive coordinator interviewed for vacant head coaching positions is life in the NFL. And unless you’ve not checked a football-related website over the last two weeks you would know that Tice now joins a list of almost a dozen potential candidates for the position. Tice is a good football coach, well-respected throughout the league, and I firmly believe he is going to be a head coach again in the league. (I do not, however, believe he will be the next HC of the Raiders.) Tice staying in Chicago is the ideal scenario but if Tice leaves it is far from doomsday. It is not going to take a genius to hand the ball to Matt Forte twenty-five times a game next season.

Bears Interviewing Marc Ross For GM Position Today

He has been DaBearsBlog’s officially endorsed candidate for the GM position since before the candidate list was announced and Marc Ross is finally receiving his interview today. Ross is the candidate from the most stable organization and has had the most success on draft day at position the Bears target desperately: WR, DE, OL. I truly believe if Ted Phillips and the McCaskey family make this hire they will have stability in the front office for more than a decade.

Mark Potash: You’re Next

I made a mistake this morning I never make: I read a column in a major Chicago newspaper not written by Brad Biggs. That column is written by Mark Potash in the Sun-Times and can be read by clicking here. His premise is simple: Bears fans should not celebrate the loss of the Green Bay Packers because the Packers are better than the Bears. One of the reason the Packers are better than the Bears is because the Packers hire people quickly and the Bears do not. (I shit you not. This is one of the actual points of the column.)

We all know the Bears did not make the postseason but I refuse to join the chorus of revisionist historians who’ve casually chosen to forget the Bears were 7-3 and one of the best teams in football. And the same columnists who’ve discounted the Bears surprising appearance in the NFC Championship Game a year ago now want us to celebrate regular season success for Lions and Packers teams that were BLOWN OUT this January.

Newspapers are dying and it is not just because of the digital revolution. It is because they are no longer the destination for the country’s best writers and journalists. The Chicago sports columnist is a perfect example.