Bears Fan's Guide to Sunday Afternoon Football (Without the Bears)

| November 11th, 2012

Early Games:

  • Two of the four current NFC division leaders tee off at 12 PM CT and it sure would be nice to see them both drop games. Another Giants loss (at Cincinnati) would essentially relegate them to a battle for a three or four seed come playoff time. Atlanta travels to New Orleans to face a resurgent but unable-to-tackle New Orleans Saints side. Geaux Saints.
  • Who do you want contending down the stretch, Detroit or Minnesota? If you haven’t decided, here’s a simple primer. The Vikings are led by a former Bears defender, feature one of the most remarkable injury comeback stories in modern sports history (AP) and basically are no threat to anyone come playoff time. The Lions are a bunch of jackasses.
  • Pull for San Diego over Tampa. Why? Go take a look at the playoff standings in the AFC. We’re getting awfully close to having the six teams sorted out by Thanksgiving due to the rise of the Andrew Luck Colts. I’m rooting for late drama and that can be achieved with Norv and the boys maintaining relevance. If they lose today the field in the AFC will more than likely be two-back with seven to play.

Late Afternoon Games:

  • Dallas vs. Philadelphia is a death match between two of the most heavily-publicized crap teams in recent memory. The loser of this game sees their season drift off to sea. The winner more than likely needs to put together a 6-1 streak to close out 2012 for a crack at the tournament.
  • Seahawks vs. Jets might seem innocuous enough but it may have some bearing on the Bears. The Cowboys and Eagles are scheduled for the prime time tilt on December 2nd but – ratings aside – NBC will more than likely flex out of the game should neither team be relevant. Slated for noon that day? Bears vs. Seahawks with both teams around the 8-9 win mark. (This game has particular relevance to me because I have a ticket.) So if you want that game to hold strong in the afternoon, root for the Jets.
  • Rams over Niners would be nice for the numbers but it would also create an angry Harbaugh squad next Monday night. As a Bears fan you’d almost rather the Niners beat the Rams by 40+.

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