Bears Trading for Osi Umenyiora Would Be Brilliant Move for 2012

| April 25th, 2012

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Osi Umenyiora is talking.. This in itself is not surprising. That he’s talking to Tom Rock of Newsday is a bit more of a surprise.. Having failed to receive the lucrative contract extension he sought from the New York Giants it seems he is using the week leading up to the draft to make the case that trading him is the best option for all concerned. PFT breaks down the scenario:

Umenyiora, who has fought with the Giants about renegotiating his contract for most of the last few years, told Rock that a team trading for him wouldn’t need toredo his contract. Umenyiora has complained about his backup status with the Giants and could feel like a starting role on another team would best set him up to hit free agency next year. This would be the optimal time for the Giants to trade Umenyiora, something he clearly knows, and making his willingness to play under his current deal — a reasonable $3.975 million for this season — is a good way to generate some interest.

If the cost is not excessive, this is a no-brainer decision for the Bears organization looking to win big in 2012. Why?

  1. Umenyiora was the best pure pass rusher on a defensive front that included Justin Tuck and JPP. If he were able to work opposite Julius Peppers, facing consistent one-on-ones with opposing tackles, they would form one of the league’s most formidable rush duos.
  2. It is a contract year and the Bears know they’d  getting a player looking to stay on the field for as many snaps as possible and play as well as he had in his career. It is not a move for the long-term. It is a move to win now.
  3. It would enable the Bears to draft a project on the edge – someone who will not be forced to make a major contribution in his rookie season.

He wants out of New Jersey and the Giants know they can get something now. If Phil Emery can get them to take a third-round selection the real question is…why not?