Blown Out By the Bay: Rapid Fire Thoughts

| November 20th, 2012

The truth is this: we don’t know what Monday night in San Francisco meant. We don’t know if it’s the beginning of a second-half meltdown or merely an example of the Bears coaching staff being outmatched by a more talented group. The focus must shift to Minnesota – the biggest game of the Bears season. Thoughts on last night…

  • Was the Bears game plan for Vernon Davis really a combination of Major Wright and Lance Briggs in coverage?
  • Have the Bears not seen tape of Aldon Smith? How could it be that I spent more time attempting to scheme ways to block one of the best rushers in the game than they did?
  • 3rd and 3. First drive of the game. Do the Bears not have a short pass in the playbook? Does every third down have to involve the quarterback dropping into a deep pocket?
  • Was I wrong about Jason Campbell? Well I sure wasn’t RIGHT. But I’d like to see him play this game not trailing by seventeen points at essentially the opening whistle.
  • Have you ever seen a wide receiver run a worse route than Devin Hester’s intercepted out route?
  • Gabe Carimi looks defeated out there and it’s understandable. When you’re getting thrown to the ground on Monday Night Football you know it’s only a matter of time before you are no longer part of the starting unit. I know he’s a good run blocker. But he’s not that good.
  • Hi, J’Marcus Webb. Welcome back.
  • Missing tackles? The Bears have missed about 5 tackles all year! They missed 50 last night!
  • Until further notice, the Major Wright to the Pro Bowl chatter has to quiet down. On a night the Bears gave Wright a prominent defensive role, he folded.
  • I can’t remember Bears linebackers looking so feeble. Did you see Lance Briggs get pancaked by a running back? The LB play is one reason I’m willing to write this off as an exception rather than the rule.
  • No pass rush.
  • No running game.
  • No blocking.
  • Let’s spend a minute or two on the coaching. I’m going to give Lovie & Rod a pass because they’ve anchored the best defensive unit in Chicago for some time. But it time to recognize that Mike Tice and Jeremy Bates are not going to find their rhythm in 2012. (And I’m not sure 2013 looks very good either.)
  • Nice punting, Adam Podlesh. You saved your first night of decent kicks for a night the Bears didn’t need ’em. (But it’s a step…)
  • I do like seeing Devin Hester catch punts and run backwards. There’s something old timey about it.

There’s more. But really, what’s the point? The Bears were shellacked on the road by a very good team. Are the Bears a very good team? I think so, yes. But fans are right to question whether they’re a true contender for a title. Those same conversations happened in San Francisco when the Giants embarrassed them and in New York when the giants laid an egg in Cincinnati. The only way you can answer the question is by winning the following week.