Breaking Down: Major Wright's Game-Winning Interception

| September 27th, 2012

I don’t do a lot of film analysis on this site because, quite frankly, you can get that stuff from better sources. But watching the All-22 tape of the Bears v. Rams, I couldn’t get enough of Major Wright’s interception. I literally couldn’t stop watching it because it was a brilliant, complete defensive effort. First, watch it again:

Ain’t it a thing of beauty? Here’s what I love.

  • 0:06 How fast does Stephen Paea erupt in the middle of the defensive line? By the time Sam Bradford takes a step back, Paea is almost thru both the center AND right guard. If Paea continues to play like this there is no limit to how good the Bears defense can be.
  • 0:08 The backside of the play is brilliantly covered. Neither Rams receiver has an inch of separation on Peanut or DJ Moore. Bradford looks over there for an instant – most likely to draw defensive attention away from his intentions – but there’s nothing to see.
  • 0:09 I don’t know if Bradford’s vision was impaired but Corey Wootton does an excellent job driving Wayne Hunter into the quarterback’s line of sight. The window for him to throw the ball is tiny because of Wootton’s jump on the outside.
  • 0:10 Tim Jennings. There is no chance for Danny Amendola to catch this ball because Jennings not only shoves him off his route but he also muscles around him to reach the ball first. I can’t remember the last time I’ve fallen in love with a player as unexpectedly as I’ve fallen in love with Jennings at corner.
  • 0:10 Lance Briggs delivers a vicious, LEGAL hit to Amendola that deserves attention. Watch the hit. Amendola flies two yards in the air. If Danny had caught the pass, he wasn’t catching another one Sunday.
  • 0:12 Look at where Stephen Paea is! He has come back to the second level after the pass was thrown and begins sprinting to make potential blocks for Major Wright. Re-watch the entire play and never take your eyes off #92. You’ll enjoy it.
  • 0:21 Major Wright does a silly dance

It was the game-winning play and it was a complete defensive effort with contributions from each level

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