Breaking Down the Bears Postseason Possibilities

| December 17th, 2012

We’re not going to start addressing the offseason until the offseason. That’s been the rule around here since we started and it will continue to be the rule. You’re only guaranteed 16 games a season as an NFL fan/follower/writer and some of my favorite moments watching this team have come in regular season games with zero postseason impact.

Here is the Bears playoff prospective.

  1. Bears must win their last two games for any scenario to matter. They must go on the road and win in Arizona and Detroit to finish the season 10-6.
  2. Minnesota must lose one of their final two games at Houston or home to Green Bay. They will be a significant underdog in both although there is a possibility the Packers rest their starters for the finale.
  3. NFC East Scenario I: If Dallas loses to the Saints Sunday and beats Washington in the final week, Bears are in.
  4. NFC East Scenario II: If Washington loses to the Eagles Sunday and beats the Cowboys in the final week, Bears are in.
  5. NFC East Scenario III: If the Giants drop one of their final two (at Baltimore, home to Philly) the Bears do not need to concern themselves with Washington and Dallas. Bears can’t beat Giants for wild card due to conference record.

So here’s what a Bears fan wants.

Early Games Sunday: Vikings lose to Houston and either Washington or Dallas lose. If neither of the latter teams lose….

Late Games Sunday: Bears beat Arizona and Baltimore beats the Giants.

What are the odds on any of this happening?

Not bad actually. I think Minnesota will drop at least one of their final two. And if the Ravens could deal the Giants a second loss the Bears will find themselves going to Detroit, most likely, for a shot at the sixth seed.

But the real question is this: can the Bears win back-to-back road games?