Carolina Panthers at Chicago Bears Game Thread

| October 28th, 2012

Above is my favorite NFL photograph, maybe ever.

Three final thoughts:

  • My favorite line from Cam Worrell this week was “if the Bears make the Panthers one-dimensional and stop the run, it will be a turnover fest.” I agree. Look for the Bears to confuse Cam Newton both before and after the snap. Newton is a second-year player in a new system and has never been vaunted for his intelligence under center. (That’s not a shot. It’s a scouting report truth.)
  • Win or lose, I really don’t want to see Steve Smith with on of those 11 catch, 175 yard performances. I’m just tired of it.
  • I expect the Bears to test Cutler’s physical well-being early and if he’s not 100% they will put this game on their backs and short passing game. That could mean heavy YAC for Brandon Marshall and should mean another huge game against the Panthers for Matt Forte.

Bear down.