Chicago Bears 2012 Schedule (With a Bit of Commentary)

| April 17th, 2012

WEEK ONE – Sunday September 9th

Chicago Bears vs. Indianapolis Colts

Love the 1 PM Sunday start. Like getting to open my Christmas gifts first thing. It is an opening week must win. You can’t lose to the worst team in football at home and expect a big season. Especially when you’re headed to…

WEEK TWO – Thursday September 13th

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers

…your division rival on three days rest. I find this scheduling to be lunacy by the league. Why would you compromise this rivalry? Let them play on a midseason Sunday, in midseason form, and don’t soak this rivalry for your network’s personal good. 

WEEK THREE – Sunday September 23rd

Chicago Bears vs. St. Louis Rams

Juiceless. But I like two incredibly winnable games surrounding the Lambeau Thursday nighter.

WEEK FOUR – Monday October 1

MNF: Chicago Bears at Dallas Cowboys

A great Monday night game that will do a huge rating. 

WEEK FIVE – Sunday October 7th

Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars

My brother lives in Jax and he was taking me to this game. But this was the only weekend the game could not fall on.

WEEK SIX – Sunday October 14th


WEEK SEVEN – Monday October 22nd

MNF: Chicago Bears vs. Detroit Lions

Payback, perhaps, for forcing the Bears into Detroit for one of the most hostile games of the 2011 season. 

WEEK EIGHT – Sunday October 28th

Chicago Bears vs. Carolina Panthers

Greg Olsen Bowl II

WEEK NINE – Sunday November 4th

Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans

A game I have absolutely nothing to say about.

WEEK TEN – Sunday November 11th

Sunday Night: Chicago Bears vs. Houston Texans

I hope some of these Bears remember the whupping Schaub and Johnson put on them a few years back, forcing them out of the playoffs on the final week of the regular season.

WEEK ELEVEN – Monday November 19th

MNF: Chicago Bears at San Francisco 49ers

Five primetime games for the Bears. I guess I’m not the only one in the football world who thinks they’re going to be fun to watch.

WEEK TWELVE – Sunday November 25th

Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings 

Late time to see Minnesota for first time.

WEEK THIRTEEN – Sunday December 2nd

Chicago Bears vs. Seattle Seahawks

I hate playing the Seahawks. They just don’t seem to mind playing in Soldier Field.

WEEK FOURTEEN – Sunday December 9th

Chicago Bears at Minnesota Vikings

And then you have to see them twice in three weeks? Odd.

WEEK FIFTEEN – Sunday December 16th

Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers

Could this game decide a division title? I think so.

WEEK SIXTEEN – Sunday December 23rd

Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals

Weird time to be trekking out to the desert, huh?

WEEK SEVENTEEN – Sunday December 30th

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions

Would rather this game be at Soldier Field but I don’t fear the Lions anywhere. 

This will be followed by two home playoff victories and a Super Bowl title in New Orleans.