Chicago Bears at Arizona Cardinals Game Thread

| December 23rd, 2012

The Chicago Bears can not be eliminated from playoff contention if they beat the Arizona Cardinals this afternoon. But if they want to have a serious opportunity in the seventeenth week of the season, they need some help.

The ideal outcomes:

  1. Minnesota loses to Houston. This is the most essential early outcome as it will eliminate the Vikings from the proceedings and not force Bears fans to root for the Packers in Week 17.
  2. Either Washington loses to Philly or Dallas loses to New Orleans. If one of those teams loses it’ll give the Bears a second scenario to advance in Week 17.
  3. New York Giants lose to Baltimore. If the Vikings and Giants lose, the Bears control their own destiny again.

Here’s my advice to Bears fans today: enjoy it. Nobody wanted this season to take the turn it has taken but today is a day to embrace the brilliance of the NFL. Folks are fond of saying college football has the best regular season in sports. I dare those folks to make that pitch on a day when more than half the NFL games have playoff relevance.

Bear down.