Chicago Bears at Jacksonville Jaguars Game Thread

| October 7th, 2012

We’re up a little early today as I’m in New Haven, Connecticut and won’t be getting to a computer before the game. Here are my final three points:

  • This is a match-up of the league’s worst offense and one of the league’s best defenses. The only reason the Bears lose today is if they turn the ball over. Repeatedly.
  • I was in the building the last time the Bears played the Jags and it’s one of the weirdest fan bases in the league. They literally cheer first downs with plastic chains and  a “Move the Chains” thing they yell. It’s comical and they don’t seem to like football much. Must be the weakest home field advantage in the sport and I’d expect 15,000 Bears fans to be in attendance. (My brother reports from Jax that the building will have more available seats that normal due to an influx of Chicago’s finest fans.)
  •  Who will be the stud defensive lineman this week? It was Paea against the Rams. Melton against the Cowboys. I say this is Shea McClellin’s afternoon.

Bear down.