DeMarcus Where: Rapid Fire Recap of a Brilliant Win

| October 2nd, 2012

Thanks to Doug Easterwood (the great FQD1911) for the photograph above. He sent a bunch and I’ll try to work them in as the work progresses. I’ll be re-watching the game later today and should have some more specific thoughts. Here is the first round.


  • Chris Williams was inactive last night. One has to wonder how much longer he’ll be on this roster as it’s clear Mike Tice has no interest in him as a player.


  • DeMarcus Ware did not wreck the game and all the credit must go to Mike Tice and J’Marcus Webb. They both did a magnificent job scheming the pass rusher out of the game.
  • I take full credit for that Brandon Marshall performance. I called for it and I got. That is what a number one receiver is meant to do.
  • And while I’m sure the Chicago media will focus on Cutler walking away from Tice on the sideline, I’ll focus on the excellent on-field performance from the quarterback. Cutler did everything we were meant to see from Romo. He extended plays with his legs and was deadly accurate doing so. He also refrained from throwing the dangerous ball in traffic.
  • How could Roberto Garza and Chilo Rachal not block Sean Lee on that screen over the middle? That was the most pathetic play made by this offensive line in a while.
  • How about we retire silly plays involving Devin Hester? If he wants to be a more integral part of the offense, great. Line him up at receiver, give him routes to run and throw him passes. No more of these plays that involve him running fifteen yards behind the quarterback.
  • Courageous and dangerous effort from Matt Forte last night. I was 50/50 on it. Most of the time I was a nervous mother, hoping he’d be able to walk back to the sideline. Still, it was noble.
  • Kellen Davis sighting! Without Duke of Earl out there the Bears needed Davis to step up over the middle and he did.
  • Hester’s double move on Morris Claiborne was a thing of beauty.


  • They were brilliant. All of them.
  • But it certainly seemed on the initial viewing that Henry Melton was an unstoppable force in the middle of the defensive line. Paea last week. Melton this week. How good, young and deep is this defensive line?
  • Brian Urlacher is slow to the sidelines but he has a nice burst through the hole in the run game. He’s coming back and I saw that last night.
  • How does Major Wright ALWAYS find the football? Always!
  • Chris Conte is going to get burned on a deep ball. It is going to happen. I’m going to ask Cam Worrell about him Wednesday.
  • Shea McClellin has great pursuit to the quarterback on the outside but has to learn contain. When he was drafted I pointed out that playing end for the Bears under Lovie Smith is a complicated gig. Shea is learning but he’s damn talented.
  • Dez Bryant was arguably the best player on the Bears defense last night. Dez has more talent than most players in the NFL but he’s a mental/emotional disaster.
  • Romo looked to me like he was avoiding Tim Jennings most of the night? All. Pro.
  • Nick Roach might be the most underrated player on this defense. He was liability two years and now he’s turned into a steady, reliable linebacker.


  • I know I’m punter obsessed but I told y’all how good Brian Moorman is and he kept Dallas in this game for a quarter and a half. He’s the best short-range punter in the sport. Buffalo will regret cutting him.
  • And one of my favorite moments of last night was Adam Podlesh’s 53-yard punt from deep in Bears territory. A poor, returnable punt to Dez Bryant there could have altered the momentum of the game. Podlesh did well.


This was a great win and a win I did not project at the start of the year. The Bears now have a tremendous opportunity to win in Jacksonville and go into the bye week 4-1.