Detroit Lions at Chicago Bears Game Thread

| October 22nd, 2012

Five final thoughts:

  1. It was requested this be the game thread photo for all prime time contests after its success against the Dallas Cowboys. We’re sticking with superstition and letting silly bear in cowboy hat rule the night one more time.
  2. Stopping Calvin Johnson is always an adventure but not a requisite for beating the Lions. The Bears need to focus their attention on stopping the second (Burleson) and third (Scheffler, Pettigrew, Young) options for Matt Stafford. Calvin Johnson is going to get his. Make sure nobody else does.
  3. Test this secondary on early downs. Detroit has a good run-stopping defense so best to avoid worthless first-down carries that puts the offensive line on their heels.
  4. Devin Hester can conceivably win this game on his own if Jim Schwartz gives him that opportunity.
  5. If this game is played in a downpour I truly don’t know who it favors. I don’t foresee either team finding success in the run game so we may find ourselves in a field position/kicking battle. At home, I still like the Bears quite a bit in that situation.

Bear down.