Enter George McCaskey?

| January 3rd, 2012

Is today the day George McCaskey officially seized control of the Chicago Bears? Is today the day we finally have an answer to the question, “Where does the buck stop at Halas Hall?” Across the Twitter world George McCaskey stories are starting to spread. That he had lunch with Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz and discussed “change”. That a Halas Hall photographer commented he’s “got a bit of the old man in him.” His legend is growing faster than Arthur in the wake of his, and it was his, firing of GM Jerry Angelo. There is a George running the show at Halas and all seems right in the world.

At this afternoon’s press conference, McCaskey must take to the throne. We can not be forced to sit through a Ted Phillips show and hear about search committees. I hate making pop culture reference in my sports writing but Phillips reminds me of when Kramer starts going to work for old man Leland. He wears nice suits and talks a good game but ultimately his briefcase is full of crackers.  (As a matter of fact, I’m going to start calling him Crackers.)

Though some won’t consider it such, the firing of Jerry Angelo was a bold stroke by the new man at the top. While we’re likely to hear phrases like “fresh set of eyes” and “new direction” this afternoon, this decision came to something far simpler: Caleb Hanie. The promising Bears season was derailed because Hanie was an inadequate replacement for Jay Cutler. I and many other believed the Hanie tidal wave would not leave bodies in its wake. We were wrong. If Cutler plays out the season, the Bears would be preparing for a visit to the Meadowlands Sunday. Jerry Angelo would be touting his work with this roster. But Johnny Knox fell down. Cutler chased a corner. Caleb Hanie showed up. And Angelo’s out of a job. That’s how tenuous life is in the NFL.

This afternoon’s press conference is as much about George McCaskey as it is about Jerry Angelo. GMC has an opportunity provide the Bears faithful with something they’ve not had in many, many years: an owner. A real, true-to-life owner. It is time for him to find his spotlight.