Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Game Thread

| December 16th, 2012

Final points for an uncomplicated game:

  • Pressure Aaron Rodgers. If he’s given a pocket of any duration, with any consistency, the game  is over. So how about Julius Peppers putting an injured defense on his back and sacking Rodgers three or four times? Peppers battles double teams with regularity but so do all the upper echelon pass rushers. It’s time for Peppers to shine.
  • Limit or completely abolish turnovers. Cutler & Co. can’t give the Packers short fields at any point in this game and expect to avoid trailing. If they trail with any significance, they’ll lose.
  • Make a big play on special teams. Kick return. Block. Anything. It doesn’t have to result in a touchdown but it has to result in a momentum shift.

A season can be saved but it requires an inspired effort at home. Bear down.

Side note: Go Browns, Steelers & Rams.