Nashville's LP: Soldier Field South

| November 4th, 2012

No editing tonight. Deal with it.

We’ll go rapid fire because we don’t have the energy.

  • Unbelievable
  • Performance by Bears fans in Nashville. I have never seen the road team ask the crowd to make noise but the Bears did Sunday and it was amazing.
  • I thought Mike Tice’s play calling was horrendous early. But I will save criticism for games where it matters.
  • Matt Forte. Gold.
  • Jay Cutler’s deep touchdown toss to Brandon Marshall was gold.
  • Charles Tillman had his best game against the Lions a few weeks ago. He had his most Peanutty game Sunday.
  • Urlacher had a few wonderful plays Sunday but I was most impressed with him playing solid man-coverage with Chris Johnson down the sideline. Excellent.
  • Where’s the pass rush?
  • As good as Gabe Carimi is in the run, that’s how bad he is in the pass game.
  • Brandon Marshall is the Bears MVP.
  • Adam Podlesh isn’t very good.
  • Lance Briggs is.
  • Earl Bennett was clearly a starter. It showed.

Okay. More to come tomorrow. This was a Bears city today. And it showed.