On to the Second Meaningless Game…

| August 11th, 2012

As starved football fans in football cities across American reach their incorrect conclusions based upon the incomplete data of the first preseason game, organizations carry on. Cuts start Monday and rosters/depth charts begin to take shape.

What will change this week in Bourbonnais? Who knows. But here is what I’ll be monitoring.

Left Tackle

Is there really anything else Bears fans care about? J’Marcus Webb struggled against non-elite pass rushers Thursday night and Mike Tice publicly flogged him by leaving him on the field until sometime early Friday morning. Now we wait to see if Tice decides to give Chris Williams an earnest chance to challenge for the position.

Personally I think it’s a must. Even if the coaching staff has every intention of allowing Webb to start the season at LT, he must feel his starting role is in question. He must feel he’s legitimately challenged. More playing time with scrubs can only send half the message. Competition sends the other half.

Shea McClellin

Will his performance Thursday night be enough to earn him work in the defensive line rotation? Will his performance against second and third-stringers be enough to supplant the thunderous Corey Wootton hype from last week? I know I’d be interested to see what McClellin can do lined up opposite Julius Peppers but that might not be possible for several weeks.


Nothing else really matters. A fully-healthy roster for practice on Wednesday September 5th would mean the Bears had an entirely successful preseason.